Friday, May 31, 2013

Day 9 Studio
We wrapped up my guitar parts for the album today (I think).
I will know for sure Sunday when we edit the parts. As I was about to leave our session Adam discovered the guitar parts for Perfect Love Affair were missing and not saved, so I hastily re-recorded the 12 string acoustic guitar parts just before I left. I didn't get a chance to hear the final playback for it. Sleek Train sounded awesome with the 12 string acoustic very trippy! I played a 6 string acoustic for the song Today and that one felt really great to play as did Lightening Strikes Twice the sister to 99%. We also got the editing done for my guitar on Lightenings Strikes Twice which I played on my new electric Cort and Adam redid his bass part as it was sounding flat. Very productive day even though Adam had some distractions with calls and emails for his other job that he has to be on call for 24/7.
On Sunday we continue with editing including the 2 songs from Monday's session, its sounding awesome so far!
Here is a pic of the Martin D-28 as a fan emailed to ask what the guitar looks like. Paul McCartney did not play it on my cd though :)

Monday, May 27, 2013

Day 8 Studio
A short but very sweet session today as Adam got called into his new job. I rented a lovely Martin D 28 for the day with a free rental coupon from Long and Mcquade that I won from CIRAA (Canadian Independent Recording Artists Association). Artist members can enter monthly draws to win cash and rental awards I have won 4 rentals and $100 twice!  I put the Martin to good use today and we really loved the sound, it was punchier and deeper than my Simon Patrick Luthier though I still love her the best. I recorded the title track with the Martin and did the song in  just 2 takes as well the free flowing finger picking intro just rang out so beautifully. Next up was I Found You and this heartfelt one is going to be of a more pure and sparse production without drums but uplifting harmonies. I am so very happy with my playing on this gentle tune and Adam concurred the rental guitar was worth it  for this song alone!

Friday, May 24, 2013

Day 7 Studio
We continued on with our recording of guitar tracks today. Beginning the session with an edit of the guitars for both mine and Adams on Dizzy. Adam also decided to record a tambourine for this funkified song as well. Next was an edit for my guitar on Fire Flames, Adam added a tremolo on my part and wow it really gave it a dreamy 60s effect so groovey! After our edits I recorded my acoustic steel string guitar for How Would We Know. I struggled with this as the groove is a reggae style and a new approach for me but after 6 takes, we had what we needed. Today Adam added maracas today to this tune as well as a gorgeous classical nylon string guitar for the upstrokes, the tune is getting nicely hypnotic and thick. Finally, I recorded for Boy and I was really in the pocket for this one. I love how the dynamics and intensity build on this for my guitar part and the drums parts as well. We also edited these parts and we are finished 5 tracks for rhythm guitar!

Monday, May 20, 2013

Day 6 Studio
Friday was a day that we began recording my guitar tracks. I brought in three of my guitars. My Simon Patrick Luthier handmade acoustic 6 string with 2 pickups which is my favorite. I have played this guitar over 15 years and is the one I usually play live with. I love the tone and the feel and it has rich sound. I am using the lightweight DR handmade strings by sunbeam for this guitar. This SP guitar has found its way on many of my previous recordings. I also brought my 12 string acoustic Yamaha another lovely guitar that has aged well. This was a gift from my parents when I graduated high school long, long ago. I recorded with it before on the song Love and Not Fear from my first album, Modern Anguish  My newest guitar was purchased 2 months ago and is a Cort, a Larry Coryell signature archtop and we played him alot in this session!

We began the session with the song I felt most confidant about called No More and I played the Cort guitar in the jazz position for pick up and Adam added some extra edge for it on the amp. This is an older song of mine and one Alice and I already play live so the track was a snap to lay down and I had a great funky flow going on.

Next up was Dizzy, now this is a new tune and much more of a challenge for me. We recorded it about 3 times and then Adam asked if I wanted an acoustic dreamy sound for the guitar or a tight jazzy funk style. I wanted the latter so I was quickly fired for the moment and Adam stepped in and laid it down super tight and funky wow!! He loved the sound of my Cort and he played the rhythm and lead with the Cort for this song. He sounds amazing!! I gotta work on my tightness but in the end we did add the dreamy to the funk. I was re-hired with my 12 string guitar and we added this huge sound for all the pre-choruses and choruses. Not only that we doubled the instrument so I had to play it many, many times and be locked in or as precise as possible to get that huge layered effect. My hands were sore and I had to take a break as I was getting a burn but sure was worth the pain. Now I can say I suffered for my art. :)

We also did Fire Flames a sexy, sultry slippery groove with Latin influences. I was worried about my squeaks in the finger picking section but Adam thought it added a charm to the playing. I also played the Cort for this song.

It was a very productive session and I am loving how the songs are coming alive.

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

Day 5 Studio
Monday found me in the studio with Adam editing the drum and bass tracks from the weekend. In this process we listen and decide on the best take and then Adam goes through each beat of the drum, crashes, etc. and makes sure everything is solid, in time, that each mic recording the various drums/snare/cymbals/kick etc are at optimum levels and not leaking into others or are gated or adjusted for tone/leakage and we determine the kind of room we want the drums to portray for example a hall sound. It's a tedious process but very important and Adam's ears are the best! We edited 3 songs before I left for the beach :) and I think Adam may have started another. I'm not a whole lot of help in this particular process but it is still good for me to observe and see how drums are edited for the song and how the final sound is determined.

Tuesday's planned studio time encountered a bit of a hiccup to our schedule. Adam had a sudden job opportunity/interview arise in the morning and landed the part time job on the spot. This means of course his studio time is lessened now so we will have to move things around and the recording may take a little longer than planned but on the plus side this delay will give me more time to practice and get my chops all the more polished. Good things come to those that wait! :)

Sunday, May 05, 2013

It's a wrap for the drum and bass session! Fantastic session as we captured some amazing feels and rhythms and in a short period of time. When it flows it flows, the gods were smiling just like the glorious sunshine outside! From a wandering drug induced heroin-like energy, to the rock n rollier side and even a major dance groove yes dance complete with a doubled snare and high hat wowowowow. We are thinking outside the box as Adam suggested, both Adam and Elliot got experimental and adventurous, its so exciting I can't wait to share it with you!  Next on the agenda is the editing for the drum and bass over the next 2 days. Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 04, 2013

Today we laid the foundation for the new album with drums and bass. Master percussionist Elliot Polsky pulled out all the stops and breathed life into this new creation. He was absolutely superb and it was a gift to watch such a great musician up close and personal wow! Adam was equally magnificent with his tasty and sexy bass grooves lighting up for in the pocket Polsky. We are ahead of schedule and recorded 6 songs today leaving 4 for tomorrow!
We started things off with the track How Would We know the happiest and most upbeat of the tunes and Elliot ska funkified it so schmokin the toms are a standout! Lightening Strikes Twice is definitely cousin to 99% and is devilishly soulified. Perfect Love Affair's rhythm is totally immoral and alluring I know people will be tantalized. Dizzy is spectacular and will hypnotize listeners for sure and Fire Flames with a slightly latin slippery snake with a nod to the bossa nova . No more is electrified in a full on funkified blues and Elliot used his secret weapon for the amazing effect. I only wish you could hear the process of how the songs are coming alive....what a fantastic day!

 Adam multitasking, engineering, producing and funking out on the bass.

Elliot's secret weapon, I'll say no more.

Eliot brought down the house well at least the percussion  instruments toppled to the floor during his BIG grooves....awesome session!

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